AI Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Smart Manufacturing

Donnerstag 15.09.2022, 15:15 bis 16:45 Uhr
90 Minuten
H 0.07
Prof. Thorsten Blecker
Institut für Logistik und Unternehmensführung (TUHH)

Olena Soltmann
Institut für Logistik und Unternehmensführung (TUHH)

Prof. Christoph Ihl
Institut für Unternehmertum (TUHH)


  • GELLIFY model: Deep dive into manufacturing solutions and case studies in the AI/ML domain on the example of the start-up Cyberdyne
    Giacomo Gentili (Gellify) ( Gellify )

    Cyberdyne: The most advanced software for process optimization in Industry 4.0. A sophisticated and flexible algorithm that calculates all variables and identifies the fastest way to achieve your goals. Every complex problem has millions of possible solutions: Kimeme shows you all of them, and always chooses the best one. Solutions/field of applications: workforce mgmt, Production planning and detailed scheduling, computer aided engineering.

  • Vertical federated learning across the value chain
    Michael Kuehne-Schlinkert ( Katulu )

    Federated learning is a rising AI technology. However, usually Federated Learning is associated with horizontal federated learning - means same features but different data. Vertical federated learning also known as split learning brings different features with the same data together. Katulu applied this approach to whole value chains within the industry, so that all parties within a value chain can learn and benefit from each other without learning about each other / sharing their data. In this talk I would like to outline the concepts behind split learning and how it can be transferred to industrial processes across multiple companies.

  • TBA
    David Küstner ( Synergeticon )