Machine Learning beyond Industry 4.0

The concepts of Industry 4.0 and Machine Learning have become closely associated in the past years. We now see many industries adopt overarching principles of data driven, automated and interconnected manufacturing. As we shift our attention to Industry 5.0, how does ML support the idea of a sustainable, resilient andhuman centered manufacturing landscape? This keynote will explore how intelligence becomes deeply ingrained in the way we design and build single processors, complex machinery and entire factoriesin order to meet this new vision.

Dr.-Ing. Nicolas Lehment
Systems Architect, NXP CTO System Innovation

Dr.-Ing. Nicolas Lehment is the system architect of NXP's CTO system innovation team. In this role he provides technical guidance on strategic topics such as ML/AI, functional safety and connectivity for industrial automation. Before joining NXP he designed cutting-edge computer vision and robotics systems for ABB and Smartray. He has collaborated on research papers for topics ranging from ML-driven video classification over human pose tracking to collaborative robotics. This academic work earned him a doctoral degree at the Technische Universität München.